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  • 111-4901.jpg

    Don’t drink and fly

    (ISO 100, f16 @ 24mm, 1/80sec., 14:54) This is the same airport as in my previous upload: Neuhardenberg, formerly known as Marxwalde during GDR days. Today – and after various failed business investment attempts – it has an uncertain future as an airport. Other opportunities seem to work out better: In 2012 a 2 million squaremeter solar power station was build there which is now one of the biggest in…

  • 111-4943.jpg

    A quiet afternoon when the war was over

    (ISO 100, f8 @ 28mm, 1/4sec., 16:18) This is a military jet hangar of the former GDR with roots back to the 1930’s of Nazi Germany. Today the remaining hangars are used as garages and private storage rooms. The entrance still look impressive with some massive steel doors.

  • 80-81-DSC_6976.jpg

    Another car, another country

    (ISO 100, f6.3 @ 35mm, 1/500sec., 12:14) We were on our way to the wonderful Danish Museum of Modern Art called Louisiana and needed to switch trains. I went outside the train station, looking around and found this scene.

  • 110-4791.jpg

    A curtain

    (ISO 100, f8 @ 30mm, 1/20sec., 12:07) There is a glass door between me and this scene. That’s where the reflections come from on the left hand side. Against my usual habit of using a tripod all the time, I took this handheld with the image stabilization on.

  • 110-4799-warmer.jpg

    This might get ugly #18

    (ISO 100, f16 @ 30mm, 1/80sec., 12:12) This is the dead tree stump of a rainforest species on the left side of the image and it sits right in front of the building’s main entrance. Inside you would find a tropical landscape with over 20.000 species of plants, an artificial waterfall and every hour – a simulated thunderstorm. Don’t let this architecture mislead you, yes, it is brutalist but at…

  • 112-5162.jpg

    This might get ugly #17

    (ISO 100, f6.3 @ 38mm, 1/320sec., 11:40) The sign says: “You are leaving the American sector” in English, Russian, French and German language. This isn’t the real Berlin wall. It is a replication made of wood and build for the movie “Der Baader Meinhof Komplex” about the German left-wing extremists group from the 70’s and the reaction of the German society around this.