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  • 24-tones-of-Americana-images-by-markus-lehr-1-1024x683.jpg

    If you have some love for classic Americana

    … and the colours that go with it, then my next series may be something for you. This is the first image and tomorrow I’ll publish the rest of the 24 images of the series here on my website. Stay tuned. There is a story behind and I will tell it tomorrow – in pictures. (ISO 100, f8 @ 100mm, 1/6sec., 16:41)

  • 108_4543-mod.jpg

    ULAP, Berlin center

    (ISO 100, f7.1 @ 30mm, 8sec., 23:25) This area had a very turbulent history. It might be hard to believe that the first settlements started here with gardening and a silkworm breeding. Mind you that was In the early 18th century. Later this area developed into an exhibition center showing the biggest flying boat of the world in 1936. After the war it turned into an almost forgotten place with…

  • 108_4588_capture-one.jpg

    Parking lot, Allée du Stade, Berlin

    (ISO 200, f2.8 @ 30mm, 3sec., 01:04) This is the parking lot of the French-German funfair in Berlin after midnight. Yes, I went into the funfair after it closed and I start with showing you the last image I shot that night. I assume the remaining cars in the distance belong to people working at the place because all visitors had left by that time.

  • 89_0392.jpg

    Circus Krone

    (ISO 100, f8 @ 25mm, 5sec., 22:03) There was a lady behind the window of the circus caravan. She was typing in her Apple laptop (you can see the logo in the original size of this image) and didn’t notice me at all until her colleague pointed at me and my tripod. They both looked at me which made me nervous. Should I pack or should I stay and try…

  • 109-4645-alt.jpg

    Behind the railway tracks (Berlin Alexanderplatz)

    (ISO 100, f8 @ 15mm, 4sec., 22:13) I passed by this place on the way home. Heard some angry voices coming out of this urban pocket. I wouldn’t have noticed the place otherwise but when I turned my head to see what they were up to, I was immediately drawn in. Two guys had a fight over something and then one of them got in the car (with the lights…

  • 109-4611-4615-var.jpg

    Berlin Alexanderplatz

    (ISO 100, f8 @ 22mm, 4×0,5sec., 21:40 – 21:46) This mini series wouldn’t be complete without the most famous place in Berlin called Alexanderplatz. I have to admit that I tried to avoid going there ever since I moved to Berlin. So this was kind of a challenge for me – and an experience. First thing I usually do is walking around the place trying to find a point of…