If you have some love for classic Americana and the colours that go with it, then I have a tip for your next trip to Berlin: 
Reserve some time for a little shop of wonders: Gerry Mizera’s Jukeland.

Mr. Mizera, a specialist for classic American jukeboxes has got something to offer:
A 1939 Seeburg for instance. You will not often have the chance to see one of these great old goodies
from the golden time of coin-operated phonographs.

Mizera bought his first jukebox some 30 years ago and not long after that the hobby turned into a passion and then into a business.
He is one of the few specialists who still know how to repair these machines.

One saturday I met him in his shop while he was restoring a Wurlitzer and asked him wether I can bring my camera for a few shots.
He agreed and later that afternoon I dropped by with an equally classic Nikon lens: The Micro-NIKKOR 55mm f/3.5.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

You find the Jukeland in Berlin Schöneberg, Crellestraße 14.
Please check Gerry’s website for the opening hours: http://www.jukeland.de

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