Unmade beds and butterflies

About this body of work

This series is a coming home for me but it is also a fresh start: For the first time I experiment with interior spaces. And again I try to emulate that feeling that somebody just has left the scene or is about to enter it. I did this a lot in my other work but here it is in a setting that is more intimate.

I need to point out once more: These pictures are created with AI. They are not photographs. They look like it at the surface but at closer examination they are weird. Nothing is real. Everything is simulated. I can give it a direction but at the same time it is a dialogue with a machine. The outcome is partly human and partly artificial intelligence. When I look for a scene I want to photograph, it is searching and selecting and there is chance involved. With AI works it starts by creating a scene, selecting the right one from the feedback and there is chance involved as well. Both processes are not so far from each other…

I have been working with AI-generated images for more than two years now, and I currently experience a moment when things get almost too perfect. I like the early stage when that godlike partner didn’t have a clue what I wanted. The results looked perfect, but at closer look, it was clear that there was not much of an understanding in a human way.

It simulated, lied, tried to be charming, and failed in almost all possible ways. But I liked it. No, I came to love it like a child doing its first steps; it is beautiful and poetic if you look at it that way. And, like with children, this will not last long. So here is an intermediate moment, most likely passing quickly but nevertheless lovely and wonderful: I call this miniseries: “Unmade beds and butterflies”.

About my personal experience with AI and this series:

The pictures of this series all inherit the DNA of my real-life photographs.
Without that, they would be meaningless to me.
As base visual and direction for the mood and colour space I use one of my own pictures. This works especially well with midjourney as creative platform. The details and variations come from a second image and a prompt*. Please look this up on Google. There is also a multitude of helpful tutorials on YouTube if you are interested… or simply write to me here.

* an instruction or question given to a computer in natural language (Source: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/)

Prints of these pictures

are available in a limited edition of 20 each at my exhibitions or directly here.

Print size and quality:
Archival print on Hahnemühle museum-quality fine art paper with a white frame
Measures: 50cm x 35cm
Visible photo area: 45cm x 30cm

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