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  • 112-5239.jpg

    Feeding time was over

    (ISO 100, f8 @ 24mm, 1/40sec., 14:07) I loved the mishmash of elements here. The only real things are the bench and the fire extinguishers and maybe the exit signs, everything else is fake. This is a closer view of the volcano arena from my series “This might get ugly“.

  • 105_3047.jpg

    This might get ugly #15

    (ISO 200, f8 @ 24mm, 10sec., 12:57) Ice age, nuclear winter, apocalypse, there are a lot of scenarios in stock that give us the warm feeling of being safe in the momentary situation. We enjoy the shivers very much as long as we are not directly involved. This room showed the ice age following the hypothetical crash of a meteor on earth. It was one of the smaller rooms and…

  • 112-5272.jpg

    This might get ugly #13

    (ISO 100, f6.3 @ 27mm, 1/200sec., 14:52) I think it is about time to reveal the smartphone arena. The average density was roughly one phone per man, woman and child – but this is what it is all about, right? Taking home some serious adventure, loud music and lots of explosions.

  • 112-5282.jpg

    This might get ugly #12

    (ISO 100, f8 @ 34mm, 1/13sec., 15:03) I moved around during the show to find different points of view. Here you see one of the several connecting tunnels through the artificial volcano crater which serves as the background setting for the show. The noises from the explosions provided an intriguing soundscape within the tunnel. Somebody should record this…