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  • 206_0933-web-compressor.jpg

    A message to my past

    Berlin, Germany – 2019, February 09 (ISO 64, f8 @ 35mm, 2sec., 19:30)

  • 110-4791.jpg

    A curtain

    (ISO 100, f8 @ 30mm, 1/20sec., 12:07) There is a glass door between me and this scene. That’s where the reflections come from on the left hand side. Against my usual habit…

  • 105_3044.jpg

    This might get ugly #5

    (ISO 200, f8.0 @ 24mm, 1.6sec., 12:55) So here we are back at the start or not? What’s next? How will we spend the next few hours? Days?