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  • 105_3380-var-web-compressor.jpg

    That thing about curves

    Differdange, Luxembourg – 2015, April 22 (ISO 100, f8 @ 32mm, 1/500sec., 15:14)

  • 105_3383.jpg

    Stepping back a little

    This is a few steps back from my previous upload and still the same street in Differdange, which is a steel worker’s town with a population of less than 12,000. (ISO 100,…

  • 105_3377.jpg

    Backyard, Differdange, South-western Luxembourg

    This is a backyard in the same street as in my previous upload just a few hundred meters away and in the other direction. Behind the garages you see some buildings of…

  • 105_3381.jpg

    Happy house, Rue Emile Mark

    Street shot, Differdange, South-western Luxembourg (ISO 100, f8 @ 46mm, 1/500sec., 15:15)