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    This might get ugly #11

    (ISO 100, f6.3 @ 110mm, 1/200sec., 14:53) Oh no, this isn’t stuntman Joe. This is an anonymous brother of Joe, nevertheless well recieved which I came to know: A young woman sitting next to me with an iPhone in her hand told me that she has seen the show more than a hundred times now – still happily snapping away one explosion after the other. Show and setting was heavily…

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    This might get ugly #10

    (ISO 100, f6.3 @ 32mm, 1/320sec., 11:42) This one is from a set for the George Clooney movie “Monuments Men”. I was lucky with the crane and the weather that day. A little later and we had heavy rain and without the crane I wouldn’t have shot it.

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    This might get ugly #9

    (ISO 50, f11 @ 25mm, 1.6sec., 12:02) Theme parks are all about entertainment, right? I often thought about IKEA in this place. Adventure shopping, shopping adventures, the borders are fluent these days… The tour guide leading us through this movie set was so kind to give me some extra time with the location.