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    (ISO 800, f4 @ 75mm, 1/100sec., 14:42)

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    C|O Berlin, Feb. 05, 2016

    I love what you guys do for photography in Berlin. (ISO 800, f1.4 @ 85mm, 1/250sec., 12:10) And here is another one:

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    This might get ugly #16

    (ISO 50, f11 @ 30mm, 4sec., 12:11) This series can’t do without showing both sides of the attraction. The motion blurred person with the red sweater on the left side of the…

  • 105_3047.jpg

    This might get ugly #15

    (ISO 200, f8 @ 24mm, 10sec., 12:57) Ice age, nuclear winter, apocalypse, there are a lot of scenarios in stock that give us the warm feeling of being safe in the momentary…

  • 105_3070.jpg

    This might get ugly #8

    (ISO 200, f8.0 @ 35mm, 20sec., 13:32) There is an abundance of input. The good, the bad and the ugly – for us to evaluate – if we find the time or…

  • 105_3056-alt.jpg

    This might get ugly #7

    (ISO 200, f8.0 @ 35mm, 8sec., 13:13) This scene reminded me a lot of William Castle’s approach to shock the audience. I think about “The tingler” here. They served sausages and beer…