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  • 110-4727-lighter.jpg

    This might get ugly #6

    (ISO 100, f8.0 @ 24mm, 15sec., 10:40) “The camera makes everyone a tourist in other people’s reality, and eventually in one’s own.” Susan Sontag Well, you can count me in here because…

  • 105_3044.jpg

    This might get ugly #5

    (ISO 200, f8.0 @ 24mm, 1.6sec., 12:55) So here we are back at the start or not? What’s next? How will we spend the next few hours? Days?

  • 110-4696.jpg

    This might get ugly #3

    (ISO 100, f8.0 @ 24mm, 0,4sec., 10:10) What do we see here? A device that shows us an image of a tropical island in a greenhouse with tropical plants in the middle…

  • 110-4749.jpg

    This might get ugly #2

    (ISO 100, f8.0 @ 30mm, 1/15sec., 11:17) Schoolkids exploring the lush experience of a tropical rainforest in the safe and controlled environment of a theme park.

  • 110-4690.jpg

    This might get ugly #1

    (ISO 100, f8.0 @ 15mm, 2sec., 10:05) Starting a new series with this one. The places are some kind of theme parks. Artificial paradises. Not the Baudelaire kind – more those ones…

  • 105_3580.jpg

    Blower house, Völklingen Ironworks

    (ISO 100, f8 @ 24mm, 5sec., 14:57) It is impressively silent in the 6.000 squaremeters of this blower house today. Two massive machines weighing 400 tons each used to blow air into…