Circus Krone

(ISO 100, f8 @ 25mm, 5sec., 22:03)

There was a lady behind the window of the circus caravan. She was typing in her Apple laptop (you can see the logo in the original size of this image) and didn’t notice me at all until her colleague pointed at me and my tripod. They both looked at me which made me nervous. Should I pack or should I stay and try to explain?

They opened the door and her colleague (trying to impress me or her or both of us) said firmly:
What are you doing here?
I often hear this question and despite finding it kind of funny, I usually try to answer it seriously.
That night I wasn’t in that mood. I said, I am trying out my new camera. You want to see?
The woman got interested and came closer while her colleague made a very suspicious face.
I showed her this image and she said, “Oh, nice, come on Peter, have a look!”

Peter didn’t, he shrugged and went back into the caravan, but I had an interesting conversation.
I left much later thinking about the night and how it makes some people talk and others fall silent.