Duisburg harbour scene

(ISO 100, f6.3 @ 35mm, 2.5sec., 21:55)

This harbour has been fundamentally transformed during the last 20 years. The basis for this model of development in the Ruhr district was delivered in 1994 by the British architect Norman Foster. Since then, the area has been changed into a district combining employment, housing, culture and water-based leisure activities. Today, it is both an industrial monument and a main stop on the European Industrial Heritage Trail. It is also the world’s largest inland port.

I was in the area for a few days and found the places close to the Rhine harbour irresistibly attractive. Unfortunately there was no way getting as close as I would have wished for. So I decided to call the marketing department for a permission which they denied – in a very gentle way.
We agreed I could give it another try the next time I would be around but I couldn’t stay away that night. So this was a raw shot through the fence somewhere. I think you get the idea.