Parking lot, Völklingen Ironworks

(ISO 100, f11 @ 25mm, 1/30sec., 19:46)

This was one of the first images I took after I arrived in Völklingen and the making was a bit bizarre:
While I positioned my tripod some guys in their 20’ies surrounded me with their cars. They circled around me with their engines roaring.
I completely ignored them and tried to compose the frame. After a while they stopped it and parked a few hundred meters away and turned the car music loud like it was an open air concert.
In the meantime I took about three or four shots and was quite happy with the last one and started to pack my tripod when I noticed one of the guys approaching. He asked me what’s so interesting about this parking lot and I answered, I just arrived from Berlin and we don’t have such exciting parking lots. He nodded making a stern face and offered me a bottle of beer…