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    Macao, China – 2016, October 10 (ISO 200, f8 @ 24mm, 1/320sec., 14:55)

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    Pictures from the opening

    Thanks to all the wonderful people who joined us. We had a great time together. Here are some pictures by the talented fellow photographer: Uwe von Loh.

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    Opening today

    It is always nice to see some prints on real fine paper. Join us today at the opening of my exhibition: “china. everything happens at the same time.” LA CAMERA CHIARA, Pestalozzistr.…

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    Zhanjiang, China – 2016, September 26 (ISO 800, f2.8 @ 32mm, 1/8sec., 21:47)

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    Where is now?

    Zhanjiang, China – 2016, September 23 (ISO 800, f2 @ 24mm, 0,3sec., 22:45)

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    Five days to go

    Francesca and me would love to meet you at the opening reception of my solo exhibition at LA CAMERA CHIARA, Pestalozzistr. 13, 10625 Berlin, Friday, April 20, 7pm. More information: https://goo.gl/8ANxrj