Canton tower and people

Architects: Mark Hemel and Barbara Kuit, IBA,
Guangzhou, China – 2016, October 2

“Where most skyscrapers bear ‘male’ features; being introvert, strong, straight, rectangular, and based on repetition, we wanted to create a ‘female’ tower being complex, transparent, curvy and gracious.” “Our aim was to design a free-form tower with a rich and humanlike identity that would represent Guangzhou as a dynamic and exciting city. We therefore wanted it to be non-symmetrical so that the building would look as if ‘in movement’ and ‘alive’. The result is a tower like a ‘sexy female’, the very reason that earned her the nickname: ‘super-model’.” – Mark Hemel, IBA

(ISO 800, f2.8 @ 24mm, 1/5sec., 22:36)