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  • 105_3047.jpg

    This might get ugly #15

    (ISO 200, f8 @ 24mm, 10sec., 12:57) Ice age, nuclear winter, apocalypse, there are a lot of scenarios in stock that give us the warm feeling of being safe in the momentary situation. We enjoy the shivers very much as long as we are not directly involved. This room showed the ice age following the hypothetical crash of a meteor on earth. It was one of the smaller rooms and…

  • 104_2749.jpg

    Quarry, Little Switzerland, Franconia

    (ISO 400, f5.6 @ 25mm, 176sec., 21:27) This gravel quarry is more than 30 km from Nürnberg (the next bigger city), so hardly any light pollution here at all. Actually it was pitch dark and I did struggle a bit with frame and focusing. That little light from the bottom left side was from a small lamp not a flood light and the rest of it was from the moon.…

  • 108_4588_capture-one.jpg

    Parking lot, Allée du Stade, Berlin

    (ISO 200, f2.8 @ 30mm, 3sec., 01:04) This is the parking lot of the French-German funfair in Berlin after midnight. Yes, I went into the funfair after it closed and I start with showing you the last image I shot that night. I assume the remaining cars in the distance belong to people working at the place because all visitors had left by that time.

  • 109-4611-4615-var.jpg

    Berlin Alexanderplatz

    (ISO 100, f8 @ 22mm, 4×0,5sec., 21:40 – 21:46) This mini series wouldn’t be complete without the most famous place in Berlin called Alexanderplatz. I have to admit that I tried to avoid going there ever since I moved to Berlin. So this was kind of a challenge for me – and an experience. First thing I usually do is walking around the place trying to find a point of…